Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wisconsin gets it down late into the night.

In spite of a WAC officiating Crew that had to be on the take, despite having quarterback Allen Evridge forget how to throw the ball in the second half. And they also managed to over come a couple of big plays by their host Fresno State.

In the end it was the number 10 ranked Badgers who were whooping it up when the 5th Quarter started. Praise be to Odin.

It was a very good open thread last night started out a little slow but really picked up in the second half of the game.

I was over all very happy with what I saw from Wisconsin they should have had at least 10 more points and they have to cut the penalties out but I am grading pretty loose on this game.

They went out all the way to the West coast and played a team that is very good at home in a tough stadium and they Took Care of Business. They did not let the mistakes or the inept performance by the WAC officials stop them. The Defense found ways to get it done and in the end. The Offense got the most important 10 yards of the night, when their last possession started on their own one foot line after the ball took an amazing bounce for Fresno State on their last punt. With their back up QB running they show they hammered out the 10 yards they needed in two play to get the first down and secure the win.

It was weird as close as the score was you never felt Wisconsin was in trouble(outside of that manic period in the third quarter when they started to melt down)They always seemed to make the play to stop drives or to force Fresno State to attempt long field goals. Give Thanks to Odin that Fresno's kicker had a horrible night missing 3 field goals. That was the difference in the game right there.

Right now with that win and the losses by OverratedSU to USC and the continued collapse of the Michigan football program Wisconsin is the king of the Big Ten. Until someone one knocks them off the top of the mountain the Big Ten BCS bid is theirs to lose.

A fun night of football which helped take our minds off of a certain baseball team that has forgotten how to play. For that I am very grateful it was fun to enjoy sports for a couple of hours last night.

On to Michigan next week and the start of the Big Ten season. Look for Wisconsin to jump up to 8th in both polls is my prediction.

On Wisconsin

A quick parting thought. You have to give OverratedSU credit for scheduling teams like the Condoms but damn if you are going to play those types of teams at least make an effort to look like you belong on the same stage with them. Once again the Buckeyes game the Big Ten a black eye by laying another egg on the national stage.

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