Friday, September 12, 2008

What it takes to make it to the level of A grade Brewers fan.

Near as I can tell you only need one thing and one thing only Blind Faith in the Brewers.

You must never doubt them no matter that they have a 26 history of failure or that this squad has a 4 year run of at best coming up short in the crunch(2006 they actually regressed)

You must ignore that fact they are 3 and 7 over their last 10 games and split with the worse team in the NL on their home field.

I have been labeled as a B grade fan by someone of no consequence I have no problem with that

Lets see what gets you a B grade as a Brewers fan.

I have/had tickets to at least 10 home games.

I have actually traveled to another city to watch the Brewers play on a couple of occasions once this year.

I have either watched in person or on TV or listened to on the Radio close to 130 games of the 147 games the Brewers have played this season. Hell a lot of the big wins I re watch the next morning on MLB.TV using the archive feature.

I care enough about the Brewers that I let it effect how I feel about non baseball things(Their losing that double header in July of last year to St. Louis ruined my experience at the Buffet Concert seriously I was so pissed at the Brewers I could not enjoy a Buffet Show)

I plan vacations so I can try and see the Brewers play on the road.

all of this and more but I am only a B grade fan because I lack the one thing that would make me jump up to that A level

Blind Fucking Faith and the ability to ignore the collapse while it is happening.

Amazing isn't it?

Well I have never been big on blind faith in anything so I am resigned to live out my life as a B grade Brewers fan.

I am what I am.
Chris a ridiculous doomsayer and the Brewers number one b-grade fan

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