Sunday, September 14, 2008

Well will the Brewers step away from the edge or jump?

They have to win one of two games today to maintain their slim wild card lead. Winning both would actually put them back where they started with Phillie down 4 games

Anyone think they will take both with their 4 and 5 starters going today?

The Cubs play Houston today in wonderful Miller Park due to the Hurricane flushing out Houston so we get to stick it too dumb ass Cubs fans again who will be paying Marque Prices to see their team play in a modern dry stadium. The sad part is we actually have to root root root for the Cubs because a Cub win slows down the Astros WC Juggernaut.

This is why I am so down on the Brewers if they had played even .500 baseball so far in September we would be talking playoffs like it was a done deal.

Oh Corey Hart nice 0-4 yesterday sure hope you keep up your loose play in the Double Header today. Corey if you are going to open your mouth back it up with your play do not go all Prince on us ok.

Ok two games today to punish you and tear at your soul

Game One
Bush vs. Blanton at Citizens Bank Little League Ball Park

First pitch is at 12:35pm CDT

TV: FSN | RADIO: The Website says TMJ but we all know that is wrong since the Packers are playing today so you will have to hunt for your local Brewers fall back position on your radio dial.

Game Two
Suppan vs. Myers at the same place

First pitch is at 6:35pm CDT so you will have to tear yourself from NBC's football night in American coverage should not be all that hard.

MLB is saying it is on FSN and WTMJ which may be correct if the Packers post game stuff is done.

It is time for this team to make a stand and win a game that matters in September

Plain and simple

I am going to combine the open thread for game one and the Packers game

hope to see you there

Chris, a ridiculous doomsayer and the Brewers number one b-grade fan AKA The Rat.

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