Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thank the Gods, A Rain Out

I cannot think of a MLB team or fan base that needed a rain out more than the Milwaukee Brewers and their fans. I hope the guys on the team put the extra night off in Philly to good use. No matter how they spent it be it at a bible study or by having 3 Asian hookers sent to their room. If it can calm then down and help loosen them up I am all for it. If it were me I would have made a bee line to Gino's to get a Cheese Steak then I would have walked across the street to Pats to have another. MMMMMMM cheese steak who needs God or Asian hookers when you can have a sandwich of grilled meat and cheese whiz ;) Not that I am bashing Asian hookers.

So we all had a Friday night to go do something other than worry about the Brewers it was kind of refreshing and hell they even managed to gain a game on the Cards but that does not do us much good does it since the Cards have finally come back to the mean and are not really part of the Wild Card race. Losing to the Pirates will do that too you.

So we will see if the rain out has some kind of Bull Durham effect on the Brewers

Today's game info
Parra vs Hamels at Citizens Bank Little League Park.

First pitch is at 2:55pm CDT

TV: FOX | RADIO: WTMJ 620/BRN Game is on Big Fox so plan accordingly.

Ok this is all come down to the simple equation of you win you are in. The Brewers need to start winning games and they will make the playoffs they need to win a lot of the remaining games so why not start today.

Parra needs to get back to his winning ways and it sounds like a lot of his troubles have not been not having his stuff, it is he is not trusting his stuff. Manny you do not suck so just see what Kendal calls shake your head yes and throw the damn pitch. Come on son it is time to say "Damn the torpedoes" and pitch your team to a win.

The Brewers have had some success with Cole Hamels I think they chances of a win are better today, than it was going up against a guy like Moyer.

Oh and not to sound like a broken record it would not hurt if the Bats put 7 or 8 runs on the Phillies today.

Oh and it is all kinds of sick, but we all need to become the worlds biggest Cubs fans till the Houston Chicago series is over. No matter where it is played. Right now getting in the playoffs is more important than catching the Cubs and the best chance we have of another team cooling the red hot Astros down is this three game Cubs series. Like I said get into the playoffs as the Wild Card and you still have a chance.

Do or Die time folks and we all know it they have to get a split out of this weekend or they dead in the water.

I personally am feeling a little better about their chances after rain out I guess I needed a day off too(No Bible Classes or Asian Hookers for me and sadly no cheese steak either) Now if they lay an egg today I am climbing right back out on my ledge but for this morning they can take the suicide watch off.

Hell I am only a B Grade fan anyway so I can stop caring so much.

Lets get it done.

Hurray Beer
Chris a ridiculous doomsayer and the Brewers number one b-grade fan AKA The Rat.

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