Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Sun Rose This Morning After All

Yes the last three days of Brewers baseball were painful but it is not the end of the world. The Brewers could have easily taken 2 of 3 games in this series. And as bad as Dave Bush's first inning was he did settle down and pitch 4 more scoreless innings. I would be more worried if the first two games had not been pissed away by the Crew, if the Mets win them in blow outs to get this sweep then I am on the ledge.

But when you lose 3 games in a row and give up only one game to the teams chasing you and lose no ground to the team you are chasing it shows you that yes, "Every Dark Cloud has a silver lining" These last 3 days could have been a lot worse.

Once again this leading the wild card while chasing the division makes you see things in two different lights.

I mean I totally understand how Cubs fans feel right now "Yes we are in a rough streak but at least our lead is still 4.5 games"

I can also totally understand how Phillies and Cards fans feel "Damn it the team we are chasing loses three games in a row and we only pick up one game"

This is Baseball Bizarro world that we Brewers fans are living in.

Ok not time to panic we will leave that to the Cubs fans they have much more experience at it.

The last time this happen was in July when the Cubs over stayed their welcome at Miller Park and the Brewers responded by going on a tear in the month of August. They now play two bottom dweller teams in San Diego and the Reds they could easily go 5 and 2 or 6 and 1 on the rest of this home stand which would take the sting out of being swept by the Mets.

This team has to respond and do it now the Cubs are trying to give us the division and Houston has now become a distant player in the Wild Card race with their 8 game winning streak. I told you I was glad we were done playing them.

The Brewers have to be monsters the rest of this trip because it is followed by 4 games in Philly and 3 in the Dump in Chicago.

Ok time to look forward Tonight's game info
Suppan vs. Estes at nice and dry Miller Park

First pitch is at 7:05pm CDT


No better way to wash the bad taste out of your mouth of getting swept than to take it out on a last place team. That is what good teams do. Time for the Brewers to prove they are a good team.

The Cubs play the Reds and the Cards play the Marlins Phillies are off before opening a series with the Mets and Houston Houston is off before starting a series with the Rockies.

so a win tonight would be a wonderful tonic for a lot of frayed Brewers fan nerves.

Lets see if Suppan can keep his ball rolling this is supposed to be the time he shines in September

Time for the Bats to step up the 3,4,5 and 6 spots need to start getting it done.

Magic number is now 19 and the unlikely run to 100 wins stands at, well I am not going to bother with that any more lol.

Lets win a game baby,

Hurray Beer

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