Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Starting to get that Brewers Collapse in September Feeling Again

"I got a bad feeling about this Mav"

It is funny but not ha ha funny, history does repeat itself.

Once again the Brewers look poised to collapse in the home stretch of a playoff run, and once again the main culprit is the bullpen.

It was poised to be a perfect night in Wisconsin the Pack had taken down the Queens on National TV and the Brewers were 3 outs from pulling a half game close to the Cubs while maintaining our 4 game lead on the Phillies. Then Brewers Bullpen Shit Happen Again. Not the usual source but still another game lost by the pen.

You cannot even blame Ned on this one he did everything he could to avoid using the pen. He had Dave Bush he of the 6 innings ,100 pitch rule throw 8 innings to avoid using the pen in the 8th. But Torres came in and just pissed down his leg in the 9th.

And do not let the score fool you the Brewers still are not hitting they got a ton of runs on a tiny number of hits. They also struck out at least 10 times.

We need to face facts this team is in trouble just like 05 06 and 07 our pen is suck hole of badness that neither hope or late inning leads can escape.

Right now who can you trust in the pen in the 8th or 9th inning? GAGne no Riskie no Mota maybe Torres maybe there is no lights out for sure 98% of the time answer out there.

The middle of our line up is still sucking ass and not getting it done Corey Hart needs to sit for the rest of this series he is just god awful at the plate and his play in the field cost us at least one run last night. A good throw to home plate and Bruce is meat and the Reds do not get their first run.

The Brewers might go on the road and prove me wrong but I really believe by the end of that 10 game road trip the Brewers will be out of the Wild Card lead might be out of the Wild Card race if they lay a total egg.

Is anyone seeing anything from this team that tells you they are going to pull this out before they hit the ground like a fucking dart?

I tried to stay up beat as long as I could but last night really hurt.

This fucking team is going to let us down once again.

And think about this how far can a team with a pen as bad as the Brewers go in the playoffs if by some miracle they hold on.

This team should be pushing 90 wins already and have a playoff spot locked up.

Fuck Me tell me why I put myself through this year after year?

Same old fucking story


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