Monday, September 01, 2008

A Sports Fatwa decreed on Bob Webb

I have not done this in a long time but there are few crimes worse than stealing a no hitter especially when you steal it from our team.

I either want Bob Webb dead or living in hiding like Salman Rushdie 10 cases of Leinies for the man who hunts Webb down make it really painful and I will throw in an hour with the midget girl who works at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch ;)

I was listening to the game on the ride down and Jim and Uke were besides themselves then I got home and actually saw the video and understood why. As Yost said Webb called it a hit before the LaRoche was even to the bag.

I will tell you what it was a official score keeper for a shitty team was trying to protect his club. I know it was only the 5th inning but Jim Powell had been alluding to the the fact there were no hits in the 3rd and 4th inning. The Pirates suck ass and Bob Webb knew there was a chance a pitcher of CC Sabathia caliber could no hit them so he was looking for any excuse to put a hit on the board. And he turned an obvious error into a bullshit hit.

I am sorry I will not see this as tainted if MLB over rules the call as they should I will celebrate this no hitter just like if the idiot Bob Webb had gotten the call right the first time. It was not CC's fault that a homer scorekeeper tried to screw him over.

So you have your mission boys get the job done.

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