Sunday, September 07, 2008

Some Sunday Morning Brewers and Badgers Thoughts

First once again Ben Sheets shows the upside to him being on your team following up his injury shortened game with a 5 hit no run 7 K complete game gem. It is performances like this that make Sheets maddening because you know he has talent you just never know if he will be on the mound to use it. I still think if they leave him in they most likely win the Mets game the other night.

Now on to bitching about the Bats, yes I know it was Peavy but come on one fucking run

Runs by game in September so far 2 5 2 2 3 1 is there any wonder why they are 2 and 4 in September.

But they have a chance to reduce their magic number by 3 today if they win and the Mets take both games of the double header the Brewers magic number would drop from 17 to 14 in one day.

They gained no ground but they also gave no ground up either at this point in the season that is good enough. As Shrek said "That will do Donkey, That will do"

You have to figure the Bats will get hot soon this team tends to be streaky they slump together and they get hot together. Right now they are slumping but the last two nights they found a way to win.

On to the Badgers
What a difference a half makes they were not all that good in the first quarter and half of the second quarter. A lot of self inflicted wounds dump penalties and the like. But they turned it around showed how dangerous they can be when they start hitting on all cylinders. They hung half a hundred on Marshall and then added an extra point to cap the day. 51 unanswered points and they were running the ball at will towards the end of the game.

If they can throw the ball like they did in the second half with the trio of running back we have this could be an interesting year Being able to hit a defense all game with Hill Brown and Clay is just down right unfair. The BTN announcers kept pointing out that Clay is the third sting running back as he destroyed a tired and demoralized Thundering Herd Defense.

Next week will be a huge test going out to Fresno State. They win that game it might signal the start of a very good year for the Badgers. Both OSU and Michigan were challenged by weak opponents yesterday, both look beatable.

I know it was a Conference USA team but it was nice to see the Badgers handle a rough quarter and still annihilate a weaker opponent like a top 10 team should(They will be a top ten team in the next poll thanks to East Carolina killing West Virgina)

You know how you shut up fat alums who happen to write at sports blogs?

Score 51 unanswered points lol

Saturday turned into a day of everyone telling Chris to sit down and shut up while they Took Care of Business ;)

Lets hope the good JuJu carries on to Sunday.

Hurray Beer and On Wisconsin

One final observation I was eating dinner with the family at the Oconomowoc Chilies last night the Brewers game was on all the TV's in the place when Sheets go the last out the whole restaurant erupted into clapping and cheers. Yeah the Brewers have come a long way in this state in the last couple of years.

Hurray another winning season one box checked on the season to do list :)

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