Saturday, September 13, 2008

Oh Yeah There is More to Life than Baseball

A lot of good football to watch today including a huge Wisconsin Fresno State Tilt.

How the mighty have fallen when Wisco vs. Fresno St is a more important game than Michigan vs. The Domers. Not that won't be a fun game to watch shame they both cannot lose.

Michigan vs. Domers is on NBC at 2:43pm CDT

The the biggest game of the day Condoms vs. Nuts aka Trojans vs. Buckeyes out in California. ABC 7pm CDT

Then the game that means the most to Wisconsin people

Wisconsin travels to the San Fernando Vally to take on Fresno State.

A huge game for Wisconsin because it is their last non conference test before they start Big Ten play. And it will be a huge test Fresno State is ranked 21 so this will be an impressive win if they can pull it off

I do not know why but I have a feeling Wisconsin will win this one going away. I respect Fresno St. but I feel or my hope is that by the 4th quarter our big O-Line will have worn them down and our three headed monster at RB will be running amok over the Fresno St. Defense.

The Badger game does not start till 9:30pm so it will be a late night if you are staying up to watch the game.

So a great way to spend a rainy day(if you are in Wisconsin it is a rainy day) Watch Football and The Brewers and then we can really have fun tomorrow with the Double header and the Packers.

Off to go get snacks and more beer

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