Friday, September 12, 2008

A number of reason Corey Hart needs to Shut The Fuck Up

As all of you know probably know by know Corey Hart said they were playing "looser" since they were on the road and away from Miller Park where the mean Milwaukee fans were booing him and his teammates, while they went through the motions as they staged another September Collapse.

Well as one of those fans who has been known to boo this years version of the Milwaukee Brewers for their bad play at times I have a few numbers Mr Hart needs to stop and think about before he calls out the Milwaukee fans. This goes for some of his teammates also.

First number $0.444 Million: how much money you made because you can play a children's game very well(most of the time) There are people who read this blog who are far smarter than you who will never see that kind of money in 10 years let alone in a year. But a lot of them plunk down some of that hard earned cash to come out to the old ball park to see you guys swinging at strikes three pitches that were practically rolled up to home plate well not Billy Hall he is swinging before the pitcher throws the ball.

Second number 26 years: How many years Milwaukee fans have suffered without playoff baseball so forgive us when we get a bit testy as we watch you and your teammates fail once again.

.500 ball: All you and your teammates needed to play this September or last September to get into the playoffs, in case you forgot you did not manage to do it. Just another reason we are a bit angry out here in Brewers Fan Land.

3 million: how many tickets we mean booing fans bought this season. You know Milwaukee is the smallest market in baseball right but we are in the top ten in attendance.

8 million plus: The number of votes we booing assholes cast for you so your ungrateful ass could be the in the last All-Star game every played in Yankee Stadium voting you in over a guy who played for a New York team. Let me explain that to you Corey two boroughs of NYC equal the population of Wisconsin but we managed to out vote them to get you in that game. I guess we can type and boo at the same time.

0: number of runs you have driven in Since September 1st

I could go on for hours Corey but I wont. Here is a word of advice for you and your teammates, get a couple of hits when you come up with the bases loaded and less than 2 outs hell move a runner from 2nd to 3rd without using up all three outs once or twice. Win a couple of games when the pressure is on and maybe we will stop busting your stones.

Chris a ridiculous doomsayer and the Brewers number one b-grade fan

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