Monday, September 15, 2008

Lets clear up a misconception

A couple of commenters have the misconception that I think the Brewers are tanking just to piss me off

From Tron 7 "Chris, It's as if you think the Brewers are playing poorly just to piss you off."

and there are other people who say that.

I do not get that I have never said they doing it just to piss me off I never intended to say that. But I will say they Suck when they do.

Call it Passion or caring too much about a silly game. I would love to see the Brewers doing better I would love for them to still find a way to turn this around. But I am not going to sit here with my head in the sand pretending all is well as they collapse.

It is the blind faith, Polly Anna brand of fandom I cannot understand. I do not have the ability to just back and watch the ship sink I am from the school of "Do something anything to the bitter end" my something is bitching about how they are falling apart. Would it be better if I just pretended that everything that was fine?

You know in the end I do not care what people think of my "Fandom" it is what it is

What this weekend did was help me step back from the Brewers I just refuse to become emotionally wrapped up in what is a game. I managed to do this with the Packers a while back and I am going to try to do it with the Brewers if they win great if they do not so what. But if I think they are not putting out a good effort on the field I will comment on it here. If I think they suck I will say it. That is why I started doing this to express my feelings not Daniels or ESK or Tron 7 feeling my feelings.

So that is what I am going to continue doing and if the Blind Faith crowd does not like it so be it

There are millions of other sports blogs in the world I am sure you can find a Polly Anna Brewers blog that never rips on them no matter how bad it gets.

But please stop telling me how I should be a fan ok do that for me and I will not tell you how to live your Fandome either



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