Monday, September 15, 2008

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times 2

What a weekend of mixed emotions for Wisconsin sports fans.

First the bad, the Brewers went into Philly needing only a split to maintain their 4 game lead in the Wild Card division. As we all know they failed to do it our Faux Ace grooved 2 fast balls to Ryan Howard to start the party on Friday and it ended with Phillies taking game 4 on Sunday night to take all 4 games from our beloved Crew and pull into a tie with the Brewers for the WCD.

Things are looking pretty bleak on the Brewers front, I am talking Dunkirk bleak or the Surrender of Corregidor bleak. Contrary to what some people would tell you this does not make me happy in any way shape or form. Every Brewers loss chips away at my baseball soul and this September collapse is even worse than last years collapse to me.

The Brewers are not dead but they are on life support the Phillies have an incredibly easy final 4 series Atlanta, Florida Atlanta and Washington. Plus the Brewers have to start playing better and I do not know if that is possible

Who knows maybe this weekend was rock bottom for the Crew they woke up naked and rolled in a Philadelphia alley. Maybe they will find that old time religion and straighten up and fly right for the rest of the season and surprise us(Well not all of us some of you believe and believe hard don't you)

I do not really see that happening this team has not show too much character since the end of August so why should they start showing it now. But no matter how much they suck they are still our Brewers and come next February we will all be back and ready for the 2009 season and what ever it brings. Hopefully we will be talking about the amazing late September comeback of 08 and how it saved Ned Yost's job.

I will play out the string with the Crew right down to the bitter end I actually am a pretty good fan despite the nasty rumors some bum keeps spreading about me here I just am not a Pollyanna fan that is all.

On to the Best of times
The Badgers win a tough game out west and the Packers stumble in Detroit but bounce back to destroy the Lions in the final 7 minutes.

The win over a scrappy and tough Fresno State team vaulted the Badgers to number 8 in both polls they have a weak off then go to the big house to take on a Michigan program that is reeling right now. I like Wisconsin Chances in that game.

The Packers jumped out to a 21 point lead then gave it back then roared away in the final 7 minutes fueled by 2 defensive touchdowns and nice running one by Brandon Jackson. The Rogers kid is starting to show he can really play and that the Packers future is very bright as long as he can remain healthy.

The J E T S and their legions of fans learned the hard lesson yesterday Brett Favre is not a god just a really good but old quarterback. As I was watching that one play where Favre and the Running Back who was supposed to block for him got tackled for a huge loss how nice it was to see Rogers and his 24 year old legs running around like he was Randal Cunningham.

So the weekend was not a total loss I am just going to pretend the you know what at you know where by you know who in front of those fucking you know what asshole dick sucking cum guzzling fans never happen so lets never speak of it again.

So lets all enjoy the day off no games from any Wisconsin team that matters today everyone take a deep breath start thanking Odin that football is here and college basketball is just around the corner and that baseball is almost over(at least for us)

Life is too short to worry about something as silly as a bad baseball team.


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