Saturday, September 06, 2008

An In Spite Of Win Last Night

I know it bothers all of people who like/love Ned Yost and his style or lack there of when it comes managing a ball game, when we Yost haters say the Brewers win "In Spite" of Ned.

Well last night was a text book example of the Brewers winning In Spite of Ned.

First he goes back to the GAGne well again and again even when he knows that well is poisoned. Then he tries to give the game away by bringing in Riskie. It was only Shouse and his Neo like reflexes that saved our asses.
(Thanks to Jihad at BCB)

Shouse turns that DP and gets us another lease on life.

I am still trying to figure out how Brewers managed to win that game as bad as the bats hit once again. They left 17 runners on base not as bad as San Diego's 27 but still not good.

I had a very funny vision of a very angry CC dressed like a pimp just pimp slapping GAGne(who is dressed like a whore in my vision) while he screams "Bitch where is my win? Smack Smack What the fuck did you do with my Win?" While GAGne cowers in the fetal position telling CC how much harder he will work for him next time. lol CC Then replys "Next time you bitch you think I can continue to live in the style I have become accustom to with you losing my wins like that Bitch" Smack Smack lol GAGne just cries like a little girl.

That will end this episode of WSB Theater of Chris's mind.

I am pretty sure that is the second game of CC's that GAGne has cost him the win. I believe the Brewers won both starts(Pittsburgh and San Diego) but I could be wrong.

Ok we won and it is time to move on and look at what good came out of last night.

Cards lost in a another brilliant bullpen melt down to the Marlins and are now 6 games back Houston lost and are now 7 back Philly won but can gain no ground on the Crew.

Then the best part the Cubs lost their 6 game in a row so the Brewers move to 4 back as all of Cubdom starts having 1968 and Bartman flash backs.

The Brewers Magic number drops to 18.

So on to today's game info
Sheets vs. Peavy at nice and dry and filled back up Miller Park.

First pitch is at 6:05pm CDT


It is simple to know what needs to be done today the Bats have to score some runs off of Peavy and we have to see if the China Doll can game it past the 5th inning.

Normally I would be worried about this game due to Sheets pitching but I have a feeling the Brewers bats are going to erupt tonight someone needs to treat Kevin Kouzmanoff like a Olympic Figure skater and bash him on the knee with a pipe. That dude and his glove have taken a lot of runs away from the Brewers through two games.

Brewers know what needs to be done can they get it done is the Question

One final thought before I go watch the Badgers


Ok I feel better now

Hurray Beer

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