Monday, September 01, 2008

I go away for a weekend and look what happens

The bar practically shuts down bunch of lazy bums ;)

I did not watch or listen to a game Friday or Saturday being out at the Trailer(Damn you Sirius XM) but I did catch the scores on my phone when I went into town.

It sounds like Fridays game was a real nail biter but they got it done. How about that the Crew goes into the PNC House of Horrors and gets a sweep and a no hitter(I am declaring it a no hitter in this bar at least Fuck Bob Webb)

They also gain three games on the Cards so much for CV waking up a sleeping giant and they actually gained 2 games on the Cubs(Should have been 2.5 games Philly blew a game Thursday)

Quick aside last night the ESPN talking head who hosted Baseball Tonight declared that the only division that was settled in the NL was the Central. How can you call a 4.5 game lead with 26 beatable hell if that is the case I give you the Milwaukee Brewers the NL Wild Card Team. Hell the Brewers lead over the Phillies and Cards is larger than 4.5 games. Here is an idea ESPN lets play the month of September then declare winners and losers

But enough of that I have faith the Brewers will do what needs to be done to get into the playoffs be it the WC or the Division

Before we move forward lets take a moment and look at what they did in August.

I wrote on August 1st
"It is simple by the end of August we should have a good idea if we need to print playoff tickets or start thinking about making wholesale changes to this team."

Well they went 20 and 7 in August and the Brewers are very close to printing playoff tickets.(no I am not buying the shitty ones they offered me in case you are wondering)

August was a month where the Crew TCB on a level we have not seen here in a quite a awhile they took bad teams to the wood shed one after the other. This has to be one of the best months of Brewers baseball in the history of the team.

Ok enough looking back there is work to be done starting today.

They start a three game series with the Mets which could be a playoff preview. And damn if they are not starting the series off with a bang.

Today's game info
Sheets vs. Santana at nicer than Shea Stadium Miller Park

First pitch is at 1:05pm CDT

TV: FSN | RADIO: WTMJ 620, ESPN Deportes 1510/BRN

Well what more could the Sheets is an Ace camp want. Sheets goes up against Santana in what is a huge game for both teams. The Brewers have already beaten Santana once this year early in May at Shea. Plus he is a lefty so the Brewers have that going for them.

Sheets is going to need his best stuff and the key to beating Santana is to take pitches drive up his pitch count so you can get into that weak ass Mets pen.

The Brewers go for win number 81 today remember when that would have been a reason to rejoice lol our little baseball team has come a long way.

They are now 7-1 on the drive to 100 wins. Only 26 games left in the regular season.

Hurray Beer

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