Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I am slowly learning how this playoff run stuff works

I was getting ready to lose my mind yesterday after GAGne returned and pissed away a lead late. Then I realized hey no blood no foul the Cubs Cards and Phillies all lost. Yes the Crew wasted a chance to pull within 3.5 games of the Cubs but they lost no ground to Cards and Phillies in the WC Division.

The Brewers are in a weird place they are playing the role of the fox being chased in the WC race but they are also a hound trying to run down the fox that is the Cubs.

Can one of you math guys let us know what the Brewers magic number is to lock up the Wild Card?

A quick look back at yesterdays wasted opportunity,

First once again Ben Sheets comes up lame when the Crew needs him, I am still trying to figure out why they pulled him if he worked through it in the third and said he was feeling alright when they yanked him. That game is a prime example why I would not resign Sheets in the off season. As usual we get to crunch time and Ben has a boo boo. I said it in the comments it reminded me of Rodney Dangerfield in Caddy Shack saying him arm was broke when the pressure got to him. What good is having a pitcher of Sheets caliber if he cannot answer the bell when you need him.

Riskie and Gagne must be banished to the back of the pen again. Riskie has been awful since he came back and Gagne is just a suck hole even when he is not grooving home run balls he has the worst luck out there with balls just finding holes.

I fear our pen is going to either keep us out of the playoffs or cost us a playoff series. The reason the pen has looked so good is the starting pitchers are going deep and allowing us to not use the pen much. But what can you do when Sheets comes up lame again you have to use the pen more than you would like.

Now lets not give the bats a pass yes they were going up against Santana but when Braun lead off the 8th with a double it was not Santana. And Prince Corey and Cameron could not even get him to third let alone drive in a run. They do that too often get a guy on with no outs and not advance him even 90'.

So the drive to 100 wins takes another hit they are now 7-2 on this drive and both losses have been 8th inning collapses by the pen. They could easily be 9-0 if our pen was not so unstable.

I am going to game tonight(don't worry I will leave before it is over if it is close) Brewers still have a good chance to take this series and who knows they win the next two they might be with in 2.5 of the Cubs. I said it before I am so glad we are done playing Houston they are hotter than hell right now and I would not be surprised if they give the Cubs fits over the next two games.

Can you imagine our friends to the south if they go on a 5 game losing streak lol

All the Pressure is on the Cubs at this point.

So lets shrug off yesterdays game and move forward.

Today's game info
Parra vs. Niese at no shadows tonight Miller Park

First pitch is at 7:05pm CDT


Last time the Crew lost a game they bounced back and won the next 3 games so I will take that again 3 out of every 4 the rest of the way will get it done.

It would nice to see Parra have a 7 inning or longer outing just to avoid the pen it would also be nice to see the Crew beat up on a guy making his MLB debut.

It is simple keep winning and good things will happen

Lets even this series up

Hurray Beer

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