Monday, September 15, 2008

Giving Charles Woodson some props

Something we do not do enough as fans is give guys who sign a huge free agent contract then actually play at a level that makes them worth the money credit.

We as a group will shred a Pro who takes the money and runs say like with Eric Gagne or or Jeff Suppan or Barry Zito for example. It funny the number of baseball guys that come to mind or basketball players but I am drawing a blank on football guys but know they are out there.

But you have a guy like Woodson who signed a 7 years deal with the beloved Packers for $52 Million. Can you say you have not been happy with the signing the guy plays hurt he wants to play special teams if they would let him. He is playing with a broken toe and still managed too huge interceptions in that mad 7 minutes at the end of the game one of them for a touchdown.

I am a modern fan I do not fault anyone for taking the big contract but I really appreciate the guys who take the money and still show up.

So let me take this moment to say Mr Woodson I am happy and greatful that 3 years ago you decided to join our team and I appreciate the way you are playing and I think you are worth every cent the team is playing you.

Wow that felt good I wish I could do that more often. You know how I could tell Woodson is playing well? I had to look up the numbers for his deal you all know that if you suck the fans know your contract better than your agent. So right there shows Woodson does not suck.

Thank You


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