Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Do not rule out ending the season in 4th place.

Yes I am totally pissed off at the Milwaukee Brewers so I am not cutting them any slack at the moment. But it is not that much of a stretch to believe the Brewers could end the season in 4th place in the NL Central. St Louis has pulled with in 3.5 games with Houston charging hard at 4 games back.

The Brewers and their AWOL offense play one more game on this home stand from hell then go on a 10 game three city road trip. Right now they could easily lose all 4 in Phillie since CC is not pitching in any of those games and there is no way the Brewers offense can go head to head with the Phillies.

This home stand has been a disaster of Epic proportions how the hell can you go 2 and 7 at home when to of the 3 teams you played are practically AAA ball clubs.

Well one good thing that might come out of this massive implosion if they do not make the playoff I do not see how Mr A can bring back Yost.

Last nights game what can you say once again the Brewers had a young pitcher on the ropes in the first inning and only got one run and then preceded to let him mystify them at home plate for the next 5 innings or so. This team is totally inept at home plate right now. It is hard to watch them blow scoring chance after scoring chance.

Oh and Fuck Mike Cameron 5ab last night no hits and 3k's I think 2 with the bases loaded.

Prediction when the season is over we will find out that Braun is playing much more hurt than we believe and that is why he is hitting so poorly right now.

Prince should have taken that 60 million when they offered it to you.

Bill Hall should not be in the line up no matter what hand the pitcher throws with.

What is really sad about this is the Cubs are having their usual late season collapse and we cannot enjoy it since the suddenly suck ass Brewers refuse to take advantage of the Cubs suckage. Face it the Brewers could easily be in first place right now and think of how the asshole Cubs fans would be wailing. But know the Brewers are going to deny us that pleasure. Just like they have denied us the pleasure of the playoffs.

So that begs the question which choke is worse last year or this year?

Oh and all that talk about how being in the race last year hardened this team can be tossed out the window as the bull shit it really is. They got to crunch time and this team once again pissed it's self and now they are getting ready to run like a French Canadian from a save from the playoffs.

But like I said the bright side to all of this is only 17 more games left before they fire Ned Yost. So every dark cloud does have a silver lining.

Now there is a slight chance the Brewers might go on the road and the change of scenery might wake their bats up who knows but I have my doubts.

Shame such a good year is going to end like this.

resigned to our fate

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