Monday, September 08, 2008

Do Not Be This Guy

"All Is Well Remain Calm"

I refuse to panic, yes I am worried but I refuse to panic

Yes they are playing very bad baseball right now but nothing has been lost yet.

They remain only 4 game behind the Cubs with 6 head to head games left with them. They remain 4 games in front of the Phillies and with the Cubs playing the Cards starting tonight. So if we can TCB against a hot Reds team at home we will either gain ground on the Cubs or will finally bury the Cards.

They have 19 games left so if they go 10 and 9 they will finish with 92 wins, I think 92 can carry the Wild Card Division who knows if the Cubs continue their meltdown it might carry the division. We are not the only team having issues.

I want to run around screaming Ahhhhhhh we are all going to die, the season is over, repent your sins the end is coming. But I refuse to act like a Nancy boy Cubs fan.

This team has done this all season they get cold together and they are really cold right now but they can get hot together like flipping a switch. Who knows maybe this close brush with being on the wrong side of a perfect game will wake them up. Maybe they will start being a little more patient at the plate. I think it might be a good thing that they go on a long road trip after this series since July the Brewers have been so so at Miller Park while being pretty damn good on the road.

Even as bad as yesterday was their magic number went down to 16 game.

Ok let me get this off my chest

Hi my name is Chris and I have a Billy Hall Problem, Yes when I first started free basing him two seasons ago it was an incredible high but now I sit here at rock bottom he cannot hit he cannot play 3rd base. He is really starting to hurt this team at the plate and with his glove. He has a ton of money tied up for the next two years. He has to go if Melvin can find a GM stupid enough to trade for him, even if we have to do like Toronto did with Koskie where we pay 75% of his salary to move him so be it time to move on.

I am willing to give Weeks one more year but I am done with Hall.

Ok here it is Braun, Fielder and Hart need to start hitting Ned needs to stop going to Gagne in the 8th inning.

We will be alright they cannot stay cold for the whole month of September. Can They?

So here is a nice calming Radio Head Video for you to listen to and just relax

On to today's info
Bush vs. Volquez at Miller Park

First pitch is at 7:05pm CDT(one hour after the Packers kick off)

TV: FSN-HD | RADIO: WTMJ 620/BRN(I do not think that is right I think the Packers will be on the Big Station so who knows where the Brewers game will land)

Ok it is a new week lets get off to a fresh clean start.

Hurray Beer

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