Thursday, September 11, 2008

As nice as yesterdays win was,

3 and 7 will not cut it on this road trip, The Brewers have a chance to put the Phillies behind them and reel in the Cubs and get some payback on the pesky but still shitty Reds(66-80 qualifies you as shitty).

This is a huge road trip and I will be honest I am almost glad they are going on the road They have not been all that stellar at Miller Park since the break, while they have been pretty damn good on the road since the break.

Every win in this next 4 games takes 2 games off our magic number(with the Phillies) So while normally I would be happy with a split this is not a two team race the team that really scares me is Houston they are coming like a freight train and they pretty much play Pittsburgh the rest of the month. Believe it or not the Cubs might be the team that saves our wild card berth. The only real teams the Astros play this month are Florida and Chicago. So the Cubs could cool off the Astros while we are TCBing against the Phillies and the Wild Card could start to look like a much stronger lock than it does now.

You have to hope the comeback win yesterday coupled with the road trip act as a catalyst to fire up the Brewers offense and get it humming again.

Easier said than done but they need to relax and just play the game they are pressing big time. I guess all that talk about how they learned from last years run was bullshit.

Phillie is beatable Florida went in there and took two of 3 from them so the Brewers going 3-1 is very possible but so is getting swept. They have to hit plain and simple.

16 games left, 16 games to make everything they did this season worth it. We all know if this team gets hot they are capable of going 14 and 2 in this last 16 but we also know they are capable of going 2 and 14. There is no .500 in this team it is all or nothing strike out or home run. They are what they are.

It would nice to go into that band box of a stadium the Phillies play in and have our home run bats come back to life.

As huge as the win yesterday was it means nothing if they gack up this series.

Today's game info
Sheets vs. Father Time aka Moyer at Citizens Bank Little League Park.

First pitch is at 6:06pm CDT EAST COAST BASEBALL ALERT.


Can Sheets put back to back gems together we really need him to be at his best and the bats need to forget it is Ben on the mound and go out and score some fucking runs.

See the Ball Hit the Ball, Catch the ball throw the ball. Simple game just relax and have fun.

Magic number is 13(for all three teams chasing us)

Hurray Beer

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