Sunday, September 14, 2008

2008 NFL Week 2

Last week sucked to the tune of 6-10 ATS and 1-1 O/U, and the hard drive on the desktop is dying. Let's get this Texan-less week done quickly so you can get some dough. Yes, I did change the post time to 10:54 am from 11:44 am so I don't trip all over the Packer/Brewer open thread.

Green Bay (-3) @ Detroit - Everything screams, "TRAP!" about this game except one thing; it's not Turkey Day.
Indianapolis (-2.5) @ Minnesota - The rust comes off this week.
Chicago @ Carolina (-3) - Taketh the home team.
Oakland (+3.5) @ Kansas City - Two-headed quarterbacks do not work in the NFL.
Tennessee @ Cincinnati (pick'em) - You've got to be kidding me; a Kerry Collins-led team not a road dog? Jump on this one.
New Orleans @ Washington (+1) - I dislike teams with early injuries. Take the under-42.
NY Giants (-8.5) @ St. Louis - The Lambs lay down for everybody.
Buffalo (+4.5) @ Jacksonville - Again, injuries kill. Mental note; find a replacement for Mo-Jo.
Atlanta (+7) @ Tampa Bay - You may like the points, you may want the points, and any honest bookie will give you the points, BUT YOU'RE NOT GONNA NEED THEM! Hotlanta's suddenly a big-play team, and the Bucs are a big-play-giving team. Take the over-37.5.
San Francisco (+7) @ Seattle - This is your Game of the Weak.
Miami @ Arizona (-7) - The Cards will have to overcome the Egg Appearance Curse, but since it's the Dolphins, book it!
New England @ NY Jets (-1) - All streaks come to an end...except Brett Favre's.
San Diego @ Denver (-1) - Injury Discount comes into play again.
Pittsburgh (-6) @ Cleveland - The dominance will continue unabated.
Philadelphia (+7) @ Dallas - Philly's too stout for this kind of beatdown by the bookies.

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