Monday, August 04, 2008

Wow nothing good came out of that game.

They still cannot hit with RISP, Manny Parra gives up a two strike hit to the pitcher with the bases loaded and to top off the shit sandwich Prince Fielder goes after Parra in the Dugout.

Does this seem like a playoff caliber team to you all. I am sorry right now the Brewers are not playing like a team that deserves to be in the playoffs.

Yes there are a lot of games left blah blah blah 49 to be exact. But come on they starting to come apart at the seams.

I was just looking at the game line how the fuck do you give up 6 runs on only 4 hits without a grand slam. But I digress

As someone pointed out earlier today the Brewers line up has some gaping holes in it.

First we have no hitters actually hitting over .300 and we have a lead off hitter who is hitting .223 in Rickie Weeks. A centerfielder who is hitting .225 and pretty much has been a waste of a roster spot. Oh and we keep playing Jason Kendal every day even though he could not hit a ball out of Helfaer Field let alone a Major League ball park. Is there a reason we never let Mike Rivera play?

I am going down to Cincinnati tomorrow night for the get away day game on Wednesday I am sitting in the lower level fairly close to the visitors dugout. It will be interesting to see the team up close from BP through out the whole game.

Another year another dug out fight not a good trend.

I got a bad feeling about this Mav.


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