Thursday, August 14, 2008

Winning on the West Coast.

Wow. CC shows he is actually human and not a pitching robot sent back to Milwaukee from the future. It's pretty good when 7 innings of 1 run ball can be considered having an off night. I use the phrase "off night" lightly here. CC was very good. He gave up 9 hits but he balanced that with 8 strikeouts. Also, the one run the Friars scratched out could have been avoided if Hardy and Weeks had turned that double play. Isn't it nice that we have a pitcher that is so good that even his off nights are outstanding. He even drove in a run.

Couple CC throwing from the bump with a Brewers offense that is scoring runs and you get a situation akin to Russia fighting Georgia. The Padres did not have a chance. Prince hit another line drive home run but Corey Hart gave the Padres the Death Blow. He showed Prince how you are supposed to drive in runs at PETCO. He drove in 3 runs with a triple down the left field line that just rattled around in the corner allowing even Prince to score from 1st.

Thanks to the pathetic Atlanta Braves performances yesterday, the Brewers' win was part of a "maintain day". The Brewers remained 3.5 behind the Cubs (Work with me here. If the Cubs win the night before instead of getting rained out it works.) they maintained their lead over the Cards, Mets and Houston in the WC and gained a game on Florida. They also maintained their momentum. They won a series in San Diego for the first time since 2004 I believe.

They are now 19 games over .500 and have run their road record 6 games over .500. That stat just amazes me since the Brewers have sucked on the road as long as I can remember. 12 more wins gives them back-to-back winning seasons. There is still a lot of baseball left to be played but the fact that Crew is having this type of August is really starting to get me hyped up. In the past, the Crew would have laid an egg with this soft part of the schedule but this year they are doing what good/great teams are supposed to do.

Cubs fans are still crowing about their sweep in Milwaukee but I wonder if that sweep turns outs to the be the event that woke the sleeping giant (Prince Fielder?). Remember, Pearl Harbor was a spectacular victory for the Japanese but that whole season did not end so well for them.

So on to today's game DAY BASEBALL ALERT

Sheets vs. Peavy at PETCO Park, aka Prince Fielder's batting cage.

First pitch is at 2:35pm CDT


The Can Can game today. Can they make it 9 in a row and earn a sweep in San Diego? Can Ben Sheets pitch as well as he did his last time out? Can the keep maintaining their drive to the playoffs?

All of these questions and many more I am too stupid to think of will be answered by the end of game time ;)

Hurray Beer

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