Friday, August 22, 2008

A weekend to TCB baby just TCB

The first of 3 series against the woeful Pirates, that is right 9 games with the Bucs and only 3 of them in the house of horrors that is PNC Park. Time to Take Care of Business.

The national media has pretty much written off the Brewers chances of running the Cubs down for the division. My guess is they are all basing that on the 4 games sweep the Cubs threw down in Miller Park. That may be a little short sided due to the fact they play the Cubs 6 times and the Cubs schedule in Sept is pretty brutal.

But to catch the Cubs or take a death grip on the Wild Card Division you have to beat teams like Pittsburgh, teams that have sold off their best players and are playing out the string.

You cannot look past them, as the Pirates just split a two game series with the Cards. I rarely look for sweeps but the Brewers are at home with Bush who is good in Miller Park going in game one and Sabathia going on Sunday. So they have a solid shot at taking 2 games and then you take your chances with the Suppan start Saturday night.

We have reached the point in the season where every game is important you cannot make a game you drop up later in the season because later in the season has arrived.

There are 34 games left in the season(where did the summer go) if they go .500 from here on out they will win 90 games. Amazing most years 90 wins takes the Central running away this season 90 wins might not get you the WC. I personally think the Crew could easily go 22 and 12 over the last 34, that would put you at 95 and 67 which I would think could win you the WC and put you in the hunt for the Division

It all comes down to TCB taking care of business I got to 22 wins by looking at the schedule and I only had them sweeping two of the series they have the rest of the year. So they just have to play good baseball to get to the 22 wins If they play great baseball they could easily break the century mark in wins. But that would be tough that would mean they can only drop 7 game out of the final 34 that might be a bit of a stretch but it could happen.

So 27 and 7 gets you a 100 wins just for fun I will start the countdown starting tonight and lets see how they do.

On to tonight's game info
Bush vs. Duke tonight at County Stadium(Friday Retro Night)

First pitch is at 7:05pm CDT should be another sellout.


Dave Bush vs. the Curse of the Retro uniforms, Bush has been very good at County Stadium can he over come the curse of the Retro Uniforms and get the Crew off on a good note.

Will Ryan Braun be in the line up or are they going to be extra careful(it is the Pirates I lean towards being careful wait till he feels "right" then wait another day or two since they have a ton of days off in the next week.

Strap in Ladies and Gentleman the Pennant/Playoff race starts today.

Hurray Beer

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