Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thats it I am not watching the Brewers till Monday

And not it is not because they lost, they are off today and I am going up to my Trailer for the weekend so no baseball for me till Monday.

Sometimes it is a good thing to step back and take a breath

Simple to explain what happen last night

Bats wasted chance after chance to expand the lead so they are partially at fault.

Yost decided to pitch Riskie and Shouse both who pitched a whole inning the day before instead of going with Mota who was fresh in the 8th. I am sorry I am starting to sour on the Riskie signing. But back to the Yosting why use Riskie back to back nights? He has not been that good lately you have a day off the next day and guys in the pen who are fresh.

Then they did not make plays when they had a chance to if Hardy throw a better ball to home the St Louis runner would have been Meat and who knows what happens them.

Not the end of the world first loss in 6 games they split with St Louis which was all they needed to do so you chalk up last nights game under shit happens forget about it and move on.

Big test coming up over the holiday weekend they have to go into the House of Horrors PNC Park and play a Pittsburgh team that has nothing to lose.

The Pirates are a horrible baseball team just plain awful so the Crew has to take 2 of 3 at the minimum.

Hell face it we are at the part of the season where every game seems to be worth a little more while we all know that is not true try convincing yourself of that.

Ad the pressure of the WC race and the Division race to the fact they usually play like shit in PNC Park and it will be no walk in the park this weekend.

Weekend game info

All games at PNC Park
game one Bush vs. Gorzelanny
game two Suppan vs. Malhom
game three Sabathia vs. Karstens

Friday and Monday first pitch 6:05pm CDT
Sunday first pitch at 12:35pm CDT

Fox HD Friday and Sunday
WMLW on Saturday(Yuck)

2 of 3 would be nice but a sweep would be grand. Cubs play Philly this weekend so we can gain ground on which ever team loses

St Louis plays Houston so Go Astros

Final thought they are 4-1 on their drive to 100 wins and now have burned one of the seven loss they could have and still get to 100 wins. With 29 games left that will be a tall order going 23 and 6 for the rest of the season. Not impossible but improbable lol.

I will be around today but after that see you all Monday or Tuesday enjoy the long weekend.

Hurray Beer

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