Thursday, August 21, 2008

Still in the dark over the XM Sirius merger.

As you know a lot of us here have been following the XM Sirius merger closely because it will effect our listening to sports options.

I have been waiting to do this story since I first say a ticker in Times Square announce the merger had finally been completed. But I still cannot find any reliable info even though the Merger was done almost a month ago.

Sirius have done a shitty job of putting out info on this which is a surprise they had a lot of time to prepare for this moment since the merger took forever to be approved.

I expected something on their website telling you what was coming and how you could get programing from the XM side if you were originally a Sirius subscriber or vise versa. As you all know I want to get MLB so I can listen to Brewers game when I am up North at deer camp or Badgers games for that matter since the Big Ten was on XM.

So I have been really trying to root around and find some answer and I have found a big sucking black void of silence on the subject from SiriusXM.

I called and first Customer Service Rep's English was worse than my Russian(which is almost nonexistent)then she finally gave me a web address that SiriusXM set up to put out info on the merger, guess what they had already pulled that website down so that was useless.

I really think they have no clue how they are going to do this I am hearing that you might have to buy a new radio that can get both systems but I would like to think that for something like MLB they would just broadcast it on both systems. But what do I know.

Really this is being handled almost as poorly as the Occupation of Iraq by the Bush Administration(yes I am breaking my no politics rule but I can do that once in a blue moon)

Here is a NYTimes article that sheds a tiny bit of light on this.

I am hearing about a plan where you pick either your normal XM or Sirius subscription and they let you pick 10 channels from the other system but that is pretty vague because they do not list the channels from the other system that would be eligible. I am sure some of this has to do with reworking agreements and contracts with some of the talent like MLB or Howard Stern but come on throw us a frigging bone

Stop keeping us in the Dark Sirius XM the longer you treat us like mushrooms(keep us in the dark and feed us bullshit) the more damage you do to yourself.

So if any of you hear anything on this front sing out and let us know so we can pass the info along.


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