Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Stand and Fight or Cut and Run

I believe the Brewers have reached the fight or flight point in their season. I want to be positive and not swing like a windsock like the 4 letter network has over the last two weeks. First they declare the Brewers the best team in the NL when we ran the Cubs down, and now they are almost joyful as they chronicle the rough patch the Brewers find themselves in.

Yes, the Crew could still surprise us and get to the playoffs, and if they get hot they have proven they can beat anyone in baseball.

But lately they are starting to remind me of the team that collapsed last year.

They cannot hit with Runners In Scoring Position. How many times have we seen a lead off double and when the third out is recorded the guy on second is still there having never been moved over?

Then you have starting pitching that is erratic from the high that is CC to...well, everyone else. Manny Parra last night goes from no-hitter, to losing, to punching bag in a very short period to time

I am trying to avoid being too negative lest Danny calls me a fair weather fan again(because you know fair weather fans drive through the night so they can see the team play 3 states away).

As I said this is starting to feel like last year. And now the fight in the dugout.

Who knows maybe this sparks them like the Barret-Zambrano fight sparked the Cubs last year. But the way they are reacting to the fight bothers me with the "oh it is no big deal" party line. Have you watched the film of the fight? Where was the manager? Ned never got up off his ass to even try and intervene, or even check if his starter for today Dave Bush was ok since he ended up at the bottom of the scrum of guys who were holding Prince down.

Just another example of why Ned is not the guy to be running this show.

Personally I think Prince is showing he is a bully. You notice he took on a pitcher who is a third of his size. Did anyone attack him when he was slumping at the beginning of the year?

Tonight's game info
Bush vs. Volquez in the Octagon. Oops, I mean Great American Small Park

First Pitch 6:10pm CDT


As I said in the beginning of the post, we are at the fight or flight moment of the season.

Sadly I fear they will choose flight.


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