Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some Quick Olympic thoughts

Michael Phelps is Aquaman plain and simple. Dude is the Ted Williams of Swimming; a freak of nature.

Lots of love to a US Mens Gymnastic team that won a Bronze without having Paul or Morgan Hamm on the team. The Cowboy Up award has to go to whole team but a special award to Alexander Artemev aka "Sasha." This kid was the final alternate to be added to the team when Morgan Hamm had to back out. He is the son of a former Champion of the Soviet Union (big deal in gymnastics) so he has had to live in that shadow for a long time. Then it comes down to the final pommel horse event which is the US teams' worst event. The first two team members had already crashed and burned and most likely cost the US a chance at the silver medal. Artemev is world class at pommel right up there with the best on that device, but he is feast or famine; he either does a spectacular routine or goes helicoptering off the horse. This was the reason he was originally left off the team. He did the routine of his life and locked down the bronze for the US team.

I tried to use NBC's widget to post some video but I cannot get it too work so go to NBC's Olympic site if you want to see the video. I am tired of trying to work with their stupid website. I give up NBC, I guess you do not need links to your video.

There is still the All Around and the Individual rounds and the Ladies Team goes tonight. Plus more Michael Phelps; he goes for 2 more Gold Medals tonight.

I will admit I am watching more Olympics than I thought I would so far.



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