Sunday, August 03, 2008

Since Tom H brought it up

Yesterday in his post/column over at the MJS Tom H. looks down the road at the 2009 fate of Rickie Weeks and Mike Cameron. I have actually been doing a lot of thinking what the 09 Brewers might look like, but I had not posted anything because I did not want anyone to think I had given up on the 08 version of the Crew.

But he does mention the option that ESK threw out a couple of days ago in a comment thread.

Either move J.J. Hardy to 2nd and bring up Alcides Escobar from AA to play SS or move Escobar to 2nd. Or look outside the orginization for a new option at 2nd base, someone who can lead off.

I did some rough math using Cots and I figure the Brewers will have between 35 and 40 million freed up from existing contracts that end this season. Now some of that money will have to go to keeping guys like Hardy and Hart and maybe making another run at Prince or pipe dream of pipe dreams keeping CC.

They would also have to find a new Center Fielder or move Hart to Center and find a Right Fielder.

They will also have to make wholesale changes in the pitching staff replacing both CC and Sheets if they cannot resign one of them. The pen is still a mess and needs to be revamped once again. No matter what the 08 Brewers do Melvin has his work cut out of for him, but the Cards have proved you can win with guys who are not household names but can play the game. You can talk about the Cubs all you want if St Louis had a closer and a set up guy they would be running away with the division Cubs be damned.

The hot stove league when it gets here should be pretty hot ;)

This blog has wrecked the way I watch baseball August and I am already projecting to Spring Training 09 lol

Hurray Beer

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