Friday, August 15, 2008

RE: Sheets as an Ace

I started to do this as a comment decided to make it a post instead. First, before Danny Attacks me for being a bad fan, I am not saying that Sheets is a bad pitcher. He is a number 1 or 1a on almost every staff in MLB, but there is more to being an Ace than having talent. You have to have the mindset of an Ace and I don't think Sheets has it. I think that for the past couple of years Sheets has had his worth to the Brewers inflated by the so-so pitchers that were in the rotation. Sheets was always considered the Ace of the staff, and he probably was, but the arrival of Sabathia has shown us what a real Ace looks like. And sadly, Sheets is not in his league. I am positive that if Sabathia had been the one taking the hill after they scratched that run off of Peavy the Brewers would have won that game and would be riding a 9-game wining streak.

Save me the whining about run support yesterday. He caught the other team's best pitcher and his offense gave him a lead late and he coughed it up.

Since the arrival of CC, Sheets has been the weakest link in the starting rotation. He has had one great start, but he has had a number of good to so so starts. I believe most of the Brewers losses since the ASB have been his starts (not counting the Cubs series, but he did lose that start also).

I will be upset when Sabathia leaves. I may be a little bummed when Sheets moves on, but I will not shed a tear. I also stick by my belief that he is either running out of gas because he has not had his usual mid season break on the DL, or he is dinged up but will not go on the DL because of it being his contract year.

I have learned it can be painful to speak out against people like Favre or Sheets but that has never stopped me.

Ace is a mindset and Sheets does not have it. You can worship him all you want. It is your right. But from now till the end of the year, his start is the one I will worry about every time it comes up in the rotation.

Let the abuse begin,

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