Friday, August 08, 2008

Open Thread of Base Runners Just Clog the Flow, Baby

I am on board. I have completely bought in. No more doubt from me. The Brewers don't need men on base, they don't need the "best" guy, statistically. They need grit. They need gamers. They need guys who are going to give it 110%, 120% down the stretch, when it matters. It's August, this is when the important baseball is played. Time for men, professionals.

I don't have time for numbers or stats or effectiveness or power or stats or numbers. Production? Screw production. The only production I need is in the form of outs. The Brewers need more productive outs. Guys who will sacrifice their at-bat to move a runner over. Guys who will steal third with 1 out. Guys who can kick it into gear in the late innings, when the games really matter.

The Brewers need clutch.

For far too long this team has been thinking way too much. A platoon at third, a platoon in the rotation, catcher hitting 9th, trading for a platoon at 2nd. BLASPHEMY!!

Intelligence has no place on the baseball diamond. Men don't think. NERDS think. The Milwaukee Brewers ain't a bunch of weak-kneed, limp wristed ninny nerds. The Milwaukee Brewers are MEN.

Batting average, RBI, clutch. Those aren't stats, they are commandments. Sure they may be able to be counted and measured, but you can count Commandments too and Moses didn't have a God damned SABR card.

Bunting, stealing, hustle, contact, clutch, saves, speed, INTANGIBLES! The 8 Commandments of Old School. That is what will save the Brewers season. Eight is a holy number in Old School. Joe Morgan wore number eight and he thinks numbers are for punks and ninnies. He may have had great ones, but he sure couldn't count em.

Russell Branyan has a lot of these digit-dorks barking in our ears at all times, telling us how great he is against right handed pitching. Yeah? Well Craig Counsell can play like six positions and nobody makes more productive outs than him.

Rickie Weeks is fast. Fast as greases lightning! You cannot measure that kind of fast.

Jason Kendall is a god damned GOD. That guy has intangibles coming out of his eye holes. Oozing out of his orifices. He cannot be stopped because Intangibles cannot be stopped. Jesus had to change the spelling of his last name because his intangibiles did not measure of the Jason Kendall, and there can be only one JK.

WWJK do?

Pop out weakly to third, but he would hustle his ass down the line to first before that ball hit the mit, that's what.

That's what we have tonight folks, a team of destiny, a team that is due, a team with Counsell and Kendall and Karma.

And Ned. Sweet, sweet simple Ned Yost, who earlier gave lip service to smarts only to kick it in the balls and lock it in the equiptment room, where that kind of crap belongs.

You keep your projections and your numbers and your odds and your intelligence. The Brewers have Ned Yost, and Ned Yost has not failed Milwaukee yet, not in 2008 at least.

2B Rickie Weeks
SS JJ Hardy
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
RF Corey Hart
3B Craig Counsell
CF Mike Cameron
C Jason Kendall
P CC Sabathia

Game in 2 hours. Go Brewers!!

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