Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Myth of Dan Devine's Dog

I was working on post over at my place when I decided to research a reference that I wanted to make about the angry Packer fan that killed Dan Devine's dog. What I found shows how hard it is to kill an urban legend because even though I'd heard this before, I'd forgotten and defaulted back to the urban legend of the story. So I decided that this just might be a good time to bring the real story back into the light.
Devine offered a detailed explanation in his autobiography, published in 2000. He acknowledged that his dogs wandered freely and created mischief; one turned up wounded during hunting season and was nursed back to health.

“Rumors circulated that some disgruntled fans or anti-Devine people had shot my dog,” he said in the book. “I honestly don’t believe that was what happened.”

“We weren’t so lucky with another one of our dogs,” Devine continued. “It was only a couple days later, ironically, when the dog wandered over to a nearby farm and began chasing the farmer’s ducks. The farmer, a neighbor who we knew very well, fired a gun at the dog, intending to scare him and get him away from his ducks. Well, the bullet happened to hit the dog and killed him. He had every right to shoot at the dog, and he knew it and I knew it."

That dog story is one that I think most Packer fans still have wrong, thanks in part to the media, but also thanks in part to Devine himself, who originally told it to TIME.

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