Thursday, August 28, 2008

It would not be out of the realm of possibility .........

For the Yankees to make a run at both Sabathia and Sheets for the 09 season.

I am becoming very set in my belief that CC Sabathia will be the opening day pitcher on the mound for the Yankees when they open Yankee Stadium Mk2

But as I was bouncing back and forth between the Yankees vs. Boston game on ESPN and the Brewers game I caught Rick Sutcliffe saying something that made sense.

He said the Yankees needed a starting rotation they had tried to home grow one and had failed so now it was time for them to buy one.

Then it struck me that two of the top free agent pitchers who are going to be on the market are playing for the Brewers right now and they are also two of the younger free agents. Yes we all know I am talking about Sheets and Sabathia.

So I stated to wonder could the Yankees make a run at signing both of them?

Money wise it is isn't a thing to them just by dropping
Giambi, Abreu they free up 33 million

Then if they wanted to they could chose to drop any one of these pitchers or all three if need be.
Pettitte 16 mil, Mussina 11 mil and Pavano 13 mil so depending on how many they dumped they could free up a lot more hell if they let all three go they would have 73 million freed up when added to the Giambi and Abreu money

All 5 of the players named above are either done or the Yankees have a small buy out option in 09

It is looking like the Yankees will not make the playoffs for the first time in Derick Jeters career so I look for them to be a raging elephant in the free agent market

I could really see them signing both Sheets and CC. I do not follow them enough to know who they would keep out of the Pettitte Mussina and Pavano group if any of them but A starting 3 in your rotation of CC Sheets and Joba has to look pretty tempting to the Yankee ownership

Anyone have any thoughts on this I just threw the numbers together from Cots doing things rough so nothing here is too exact but it looks like the Yankees could add both Sheets and CC with out a second thought actually depending how they go about it they could add both and still have their payroll go down form the 209 million they spent this year. But I doubt that would happen with the ticket prices they will be paying for seats next year at YS2 their income stream is going to expand even more.

So that is my prediction Sheets and CC both wearing pin strips next season


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