Monday, August 11, 2008

I am starting to believe my presence in the stadium is bad luck

I attended the game yesterday at Miller Park and it was a beautiful day for baseball. Not too hot, beautiful blue skies, everything you could want if you were going to a game in person. Then I had to sweat seeing the first no hitter of my life and it would have been the Brewers being no hit. I got to see 16 runners left in scoring position. I got to see Eric Gagne return to his GAGne ways, giving up back-to-back home runs with two outs in the top of the 8th--one of them with 2 strikes. In his defense, I thought he had struck Zimmerman out and did not get the call before the home run. Man you could feel and see the hatred and rage in the stadium for Gagne. I was actually typing in how Gagne had looked ok for the comment thread when the first home run left the park I had to delete that.

I stayed for 4 hours of the 4 hours and 9 minute game. I left the stadium and the Brewers won the game. I was in the parking lot getting the kids in the mini van when the fireworks told us someone had went yard and the Crew had won. I really do think they don't win when I am there in person at Miller Park.

What the hell does Mike Rivera have to do to get at least one start a week? It was so nice to have a bat at the end of the line-up with Rivera down there.

When Kapler's home run bounced off the foul poll, 3 became the magic number with the Cards and Cubs playing the Sunday night game. With the win the Brewers knew they would either be 3 game behind the Cubs or 3 games in front of the Cards. It turned out to be 3 games in front of the Cards. I will take that.

The goals for the rest of the season have to be these in this order

1. Lock up a winning season. That does not sound like much, but it would be back-to-back winning seasons. When is the last time that happened in Milwaukee?

2. Get a strangle hold on the Wild Card Division lead. It is time to put some distance between us and the teams chasing us for that playoff spot. Making the playoffs is very important since this is our only year with Sabathia and last year with Sheets.

3. Run down the Cubs for the Division and lock up home field until the World Series.

4. Go as deep in the playoffs as they can.

Ok back to today's game.

Bush vs. Mock at wonderful Miller Park

First pitch at 1:05pm CDT

NO TV RADIO: WTMJ 620, ESPN Deportes 1510 (people with MLB.TV outside of Wisconsin should be able to get the stadium TV feed synced to WTMJ.

The Crew are going for a 4-game sweep and their 6th win in a row. Bush has been pitching very well for the last 2 months. Who knows what line-up we will see out of the Mad Line Up Scientist that Ned Yost has become.

The Cubs do not play tonight and the Cards play late so with a win this afternoon we can gain a game on the idle Cubs and put some pressure on the Cards who play down in Florida. Actually with the Marlins in the WC race it is another series if the Brewers win this week they gain ground on someone.

I am assuming it should be a fun open thread today. Day games tend to bring in a lot of people when they are on week days.

15 wins to back to back winnings seasons.

Hurray Beer

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