Monday, August 04, 2008

I am so conflicted by this Brewers team

They did go out and win 2 of 3 in Atlanta a place where they have not played well in the past. A place where you could say they melted down last season and let the season slip away. So that is a very good sign.

But you could also say other than Fridays game they did not hit a lick. And that worries me how can we expect a streaky team like the Brewers to make the playoff or if they do go deep into them.

I guess you hope they catch one of their hot streaks in the playoffs that has to be your hope. This Brewers team in the playoffs could be one series and done or they could make a Colorado like run right into the World Series. Depends how they are running at that time.

I am trying to step back and look long term at the rest of the season. First if they can keep doing what they did in Atlanta win 2 of every 3 games left things should be fine. They have 50 games left going into tonight's game in Cincinnati. So if they win 2 of 3 they will finish the season on a 34 and 16 run and will have 96 wins and 66 losses if that does not at least get them the Wild Card I do not know what else they can do. So that is what I am looking for just keep doing the the 2 out of 3 grind and good things will happen.

This Cincinnati series is actually huge because over the last two years the Reds have given the Brewers fits down the stretch. My hope is the Crew can take game one against Arroyo and game 3 against Bailey I would figure Bush vs. Edinson Volquez is not a very good match up for the Crew in the middle game.

I am actually heading down to Cincinnati tomorrow night with the family to catch the last game of the series and check another stadium off my need to see list. That will be 4 this year. I am married to a very great lady it was her idea to try and catch a game out of town this week. We have pretty good seats I will try and get some Brewers BP on film when I am down there.

Thanks to the Phillies the Brewers maintained 2nd place in the Central which also is 1st place in the Wild Card Division. But damn they made it close Brad Lidge sees that St Louis Uniform and his ability to pitch goes away lol. But he did get it done he just made us sweat about it.

The Cards do not look like they are going away I will not breath easy until we have a 6 game lead in the Wild Card with 5 games left to play I am also glad we only play the Astros one more time they are a scary team right now on a hell of a roll ask the Mets.

Ok the August of beating the downtrodden keeps rolling on

Tonight's game
Parra vs. Arroyo at Great American Small Park in the City of Sky Line Chili

First pitch is at 6:10pm CDT


Parra as usual has to step up after another lack luster Ben Sheets performance Manny has been so so his last couple of starts. Lets hope he gets it back on line tonight and the Bats feast off of Arroyo tonight. Lets get the first half of the 2 games we need right away.

The Reds are riding a 1 and 8 streak having just been swept at home by the Nats if there every was a time that the Crew was going to get the Reds Monkey off their back now is that time. For once lets kick a team while it is down and move along.

They know what they have to do and the Homer Happy Brewers should love hitting in Small Park. This could be another great road trip if the Brewers can TCB against a bad Reds team.

Hurray Beer

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