Monday, August 25, 2008

Hardy enough to get the job done.

Doing well on the day they give away your bobble head likeness has to be pretty cool for a player. And not everyone does what J.J. Hardy did yesterday, if I remember correctly the very beginning of Derrick Turnbow's long collapse started on D.Turnbow bobble head day I am pretty sure he blew the save that day and and he was never quite right after that game.

What did we learn yesterday that the Chris Curse is real and strong I sat the watching CC struggle(it qualified as struggling for him since he is no mere mortal) I watched the Brewers load the bases twice with less than 2 outs and score no runs.

When Braun came up with the bases loaded and no outs I turned to Mrs. Chris and said "You know I do not believe Braun has ever hit a Grand Slam in the Majors"

He than hit a ball that was just foul if he had been able to keep it straight it would have hit the glass on the old 300 club. You can tell Braun is struggling to get his timing back at the plate he has stated that he is all off kilter and we have no idea how good or bad that oblique muscle feels.

So after watching the Crew scratch out 2 runs and take CC off the hook and put him back in line for win number 9 I then watched David Riskie give me more reason to question his long term signing. First batter crushed one to left only a diving catch by Braun gets the out then Cameron made a diving attempt on a ball he should have never dove for turning a double into a single. Once the Pirates had tied it up I knew what I needed to do. I gathered up the family and headed for the parking lot since we have proven once I physically leave Miller Park the Curse is lifted I had just reached my van which was parked in the very last row of the general lot when Cameron hit his home run. My wife just shook her head in amazement and said you called it. But it would not be so easy today for the Crew as Torres blew a save a rare happening this year for him. But the rest of the team picked him up.

Then Mota of all people becomes a bigger hero then J.J. in my mind I was following the game on my phone as we had stopped at Target to get school supplies and I saw how Carlos Villanueva had loaded the bases with no out. And I will be honest I almost closed the window on my phone when Yost brought in Mota it seemed like a version of the human surrender flag. But damn if Mota did not pitch the team out of the jam. What a kick in the balls that had to be for Pirate fans.

The Pirates are a bad team they are young and scrappy but really really bad.

I have to say I was totally on board with Yost's decision to bull CC after 6 innings he was already at 100 pitches and I still believe he was feeling the effects of the 130 pitch game and all the work since he got here. Plus I wonder if the NL is finally starting to get a little bit of a book on CC now that he has 10 starts against NL teams as a Brewer. We will see his next start is also against Pittsburgh in the House of Horrors so we should be able to get a read on that.

So the win puts then 21 games over .500 and they kept pace with both the Cubs and Cards gaining no ground but giving no ground.

6 games to a winning season, they are also 3-0 on the drive to 100 wins.

no game tonight as you all know but the Cubs do play a game so there is a chance to gain a half of a game tonight and even up the number of games played by both teams.

I have no idea what I will do tonight no Brewers no Olympics damn what is a man to do. I guess I could suffer through MNF Preseason BS.

A nice 5-1 home stand and they have run their August record to 16-6 with 5 games left in the month. It has been a pretty good month so far lets hope they can close it out with 4 or 5 wins on the road.

Hurray Beer

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