Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Final Cards Series of the Year

And it is a huge one as huge as a two game series at the end of August can be. This is the last time the Cards and Brewers are scheduled to play this season barring running into them in the playoffs.

You have to tip the hat to the Cards I have no clue how that team is managing to stay up with the Brewers and Cubs. They have no bullpen to speak of and quick other than Ankiel Pujols and Molina name one of their every day players. But here they are 3.5 back of the Crew.

For the Brewers anything other then getting swept is a good series. A split still leaves them 3.5 up and if the Crew can take both games they push the lead to 5.5 games with a month to go and the Brewers having a much more favorable September schedule than the Cards.

On paper you have to like the Brewers chances of winning at least of the games. With Sheets and Parra taking the hill for the Crew.

Now we all remember what happen the last time the Crew went into St. Louis they won 4 games in a sweep of the Cards and 3 of those games were dramatic come from behind home run driven wins. The Brewers also committed the crimes of watching home runs leave the park and untucking their shirts after the wins(the shirt things makes Cards fans rabid for some reason) So you would have to say the Cards will be motivated for this series the perceived(wow a real life example of I before E except after C lol)insult will just be one of many things firing them up.

The Cubs destroyed Pittsburgh yesterday so the Crew gave up a half of game to them to fall back to 5 back in the division race.

So lets look at tonight's game info
Sheets vs. Wellemeyer down at Busch Stadium III

First pitch is at 7:15pm CDT


A simple plan tonight Sheets has to pitch like we know he can and the Bats have to score him at least 5 runs. And if they give Ben the lead he cannot give it right back.

It would be great for the Crew to actually go in there and pound the Cards in game one sending a message and hopefully taking some win out of the Cards sails

There you have the Crew knows what needs to be done lets do it and move on.

Hurray Beer

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