Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A evening in Baseball Pleasantville

What a perfect evening if you were a Milwaukee Brewers fan.

Ben Sheets had to grind a bit but got the job done getting stronger as the night went on. And low and behold what happens when they score runs for him.

Last night the Brewers started to see things in color(if you have seen the movie Pleasantville you know what I mean)

And the Cards have to be sitting there saying "That is real rain out there"

The Brewers did what they needed to do on this short two game series, avoid the sweep they did that in a huge way and also sent a message to the Cards. How sweet was it that Braun and Hall of all people hit the home runs last night. Hall would be an all-star if he played half of his games in Busch Stadium.

I think the St Louis fans have realized there is a bigger issue than un tucked shirts when it comes to the Cards and Brewers. At least for this year the Brewers are a better team than the Cards.

Once again let me give Sheets his due he struggled early he could not locate his curve but he got through it when he got heated up he gave them a solid game and pitched well in a close game(game was close for most of the time Sheets was on the mound) Last night Sheets pitched like an Ace is supposed to pitch on a day he does not have his best stuff. Nice Job.

So the Crew jumps out to a 4.5 game lead over the Cards and Phillies in the Wild Card Division. Right now the Brewers are starting to pull away in the WC the Cards and which ever team is in second place in the East at this moment are the only teams with in 5 games of the Brewers. They stay within shouting distance of the Cubs who also refuse to lose.(The Pirates are a bad bad baseball team)

They are 4-0 in their drive to 100 wins and have a chance to deliver if not a death blow to the Cards a real kick to the crotch. 22 games over .500 that is just sick and they are now 5 wins away from locking up the winning season(hat tip to the Cubs who locked up a winnings season with their win yesterday)

The Crew has 30 games in the season(where did the summer go?)so pushing the lead in the WC division to 5.5 tonight would be huge.

On to tonight's game info
Parra vs. Wainwright at the hushed Busch Stadium III

First pitch is at 7:15pm CDT


Now it is time to get greedy you have the split locked up you cannot leave St Louis any worse off than you were when you got there. But now the Crew has a chance to get the sweep and start putting the Cards in their rear view mirror and keep pace with the Cubs.

Parra has to step up here and pitch like he did during that 8 game winning streak we cannot rely on the Bats exploding for 12 runs again.(not that we would turn it down if they did)

I think if the Crew can jump out early the Cards might just lie down and die right now they are pretty punch drunk from their run in with the Crew the press down there is admitting the Crew is the better team.

My only fear is if the Crew gets on them early TLR might try and settle some scores the boys better make sure their batting armor is on tight.

So I hope everyone enjoyed last night and lets hope we get a repeat performance tonight

Hurray Beer

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