Saturday, August 09, 2008

Even the Curse of the Retro Jerseys cannot slow CC Down

Even wearing those horrible retro uniforms and the curse that comes with them could not stop the force of nature that is CC Sabathia. He took a fairly hot Nationals team and just mowed them down for 9 innings on Friday night.

I was still driving home from Cincinnati when the game started and had just stopped to eat when I noticed the Brewers had taken a 1-0 lead in the first. I turned to my wife and half joked well they are up 1-0 that should be enough with Sabathia on the mound.

I did not realize how right I was. We are seeing something special this season this man might be one of the best pitchers to ever don the Brewers uniform. If he keeps this up and say he goes 12 and 1 for the season(I am predicting he goes 8-1 in his last 9 starts this season)and keeps his era under 2 he has to get consideration for the NL Cy Young award.

The Crew also took advantage of the Cards loss to the Cubs to pull 2 games ahead of them in the WC Division and they maintained being 5 back of the Cubs in the NL Central. The Cubs and Cards are one of the two tilts on Big Fox this afternoon so we will know which one we can gain ground on by the start of the Brewers game tonight.

They are doing this as they continue to prove they win in spite of Ned Yost's managing. ESK maybe be an asshole but he is right there is no earthly reason for playing Craig Counsell as much as they are doing lately Seriously if you are not going to used Branyan in the platoon get rid of him and bring up another arm for the pen or someone who might actually get used to help the team.

Nice to see the Crew win at home now that we are in August they were terrible there in July and hopefully this month will be much better.

Now are you ready for the let down that always seems to follow games that CC pitches?

Yes on to tonight's game info.
Sheets vs. Redding at wonderful Miller Park

First pitch is at 6:05pm CDT

TV: FSN | RADIO: WTMJ 620/BRN no HD which sucks I cannot wait till all 162 games are shown in Brilliant HD.

Well as we have established their is only one Ace on this team and it is not Ben Sheets. Ben is not 1b he is now officially the number 2 starter on this team.

We will see if Ben can finally snap out of his post CC funk, hell I not looking for complete games out of him, I would just like him to make the 5th not pushing 100 pitches. Really if the Crew is going to drop a game in this series against the Nats I fear this is the one they will lose. Sheets is tired and the Bats forget how to hit when he is on the mound.

Be nice to change that trend tonight.

Lets win and gain ground on someone be it the Cards or the Cubs. If we keep winning good thing will happen.

Hurray Beer

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