Monday, August 25, 2008

The catch 22 that is Brewers Success

I will admit I am enjoying my trips to Miller Park less and less as the team gets better and better.

I know that sounds insane but think of it like this you know when you find a bar or restaurant that is pretty cool but it is kind of a hidden gem not a lot of people know about it so you are one of the regulars or locals. You get to enjoy the place and it is kind of your special secret place.

Then the local food critic writes a 4.5 star review and all of a sudden there is a line stretching around the block waiting to get in. Or to use my favorite example Jimmy Buffet writes a couple of songs about Key West and lets the whole world in on the secret lol.

That is kind of how I feel with Miller Park while I am very grateful that the team is successful, it has become less enjoyable to actually go to a game at Miller Park.

First they built the place without enough parking which was not a problem when the team sucked but now is starting to be an issue you have to get to the park at least an hour early if you do not want to end up Parking closer to Pottawatomie Casino than Miller Park. Then you get into Miller Park and it is insane I have to admit I have never like being in crowds so this is not just a problem I have at Miller Park.

But I will also say Brewers have not done a good job of adapting to the huge crowds, the quality of the product they are selling at the concession stands is way down I had two brats yesterday and both were luke warm at best no excuse for that with the prices they are charging the least they can do is give you hot foods hot and cold stuff cold.

I feel like at Miller Park now like I did when I returned to Key West for the first time in 97 after an absence of 6 years, all I kept thinking was "Where did all these tourists come from"?

These are all minor bitches I still go to Key West and I still like going to Miller Park but now it is more for what is taking place on the field.

Is this just me or do the huge crowds make Miller Park any less enjoyable for anyone else?

Give me some elbow room

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