Monday, August 04, 2008

Can we please drop the title of Co-Ace now

Please lets stop giving Ben Sheets the title of Co-Ace along with CC Sabathia. If anything CC's arrival has shown us how a true Ace pitches. And since the beginning of the CC era Ben Sheets has been pretty un Ace like.

Once again he followed up an outstanding performance by CC with a laboring affair. Now I know ESK will say he only game up 2 earned runs but there should have been more if Atlanta had been running the bases like they should have they get at least one more run and that leaping play to start the DP by Prince saved who knows how many runs.

Now how Sheets pitched yesterday would not have mattered since the Bats scored no runs, I am aware of that but still Sheets has been pretty ordinary since the CC trade.

I have a couple of theories to why Sheets is coming back to Earth.

First I believe he is getting tired, usually by now he has had a couple of weeks to a month off on the DL with some injury. And/or he is dinged up and not letting on since it is a contract year. He might be trying to pitch through one of the little boo boos he usually goes on the DL for.

Second that all these years we have been giving Sheets too much credit yes he is an above average pitcher but damn after seeing CC pitch on a regular basis I know which one I want to try and sign to come back. Sabathia has shown me what a real Ace looks like and I do not think Sheets is in his league.

I know this will bring more howls and personal attacks because I am willing to speak negatively about another Wisconsin Sports Sacred Cow. But I am just calling it like I see it.

So please stop calling Sheets the Co Ace it is getting embarrassing.

Hurray CC

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