Sunday, August 03, 2008

Can Ben finally get a win post All-Star Game?

Since the ASB Ben Sheets has one loss and 2 no decisions, two of those starts he did not even make it too the 6th inning.

Lets just say I am not taking anything for granted when our "other ace" is on the mound. I have said it before I think he is wearing down since he has not had his usual time off on the DL. But here is hoping the bats erupt and give him a nice easy day at the office.

Yesterday the bats were back to their frustrating ways of making a mope look unhitable and it looked like they might waste another outstanding pitching performance by CC who was once again let down by the defense of Rickie Weeks. CC was losing 1-0 until the only guy who came to hit yesterday walked up to the plate in the seventh inning. Prince Fielder who is really on a tear the last week he hit home run to to tie the game then hit a 2 run shot in the 8th to give the Brewers some insurance runs.

Then the Crew held on to win and take back sole possession of 2nd place in the Central and the lead in the Wild Card division. Not a bad start to another road trip. They have already won the series in Atlanta and go for the sweep today. They have become Road Warriors pushing their record away from Miller Park to 30 - 26 putting them 4 games over .500 on the road. Which is just unheard of for a Brewers team.

One of the things that can drive insane about the division system in baseball is both the Cards and Brewers are in a fight to the death for the Wild Card position when either team would be running away from the pack in the NL West. Life isn't fair right. Actually it is I can remember years when the WC team from another division had a better record than the team that won the Central so I guess it balances out over time.

I guess we have to give the team credit for bouncing back after that disaster of a home stand but all I can think of is damn it if they had even split with the Cubs they would be tied for first right now. But I will stop looking backward and only look forward for the rest of the post.

On to today's game info
Sheets vs. Campillio at Crazy Rich Guy Field aka Turner Field

First pitch is at 12:30pm CDT


Can the Crew get the sweep down in Atlanta a place where they used to never win, can Ben get a W and can the bats score some runs for him?

All of these questions will be answered by the end of the game today.

It will be curious to see the line up today will Weeks be planted on the bench where he belongs? Will Rivera get a start finally? Only Ned knows at the time of this writing.

Lets keep making this an August to remember

Hurray Beer

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