Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bush and Bats Overcome Retro Uniform Curse

The Milwaukee Brewers start off the run to 100 wins with a victory so they are 1-0.

Its funny Bush gave a couple of runs early but I was not too worried that is his MO lately give up a run or two early then he settles down and is pretty stingy. Plus it was the Pirates you kept thinking ok sooner or later the bats will break through against Duke.

And they did, scoring 10 runs to give Bush a 10-4 victory and gain a game on the Cubs who coughed up a 4 run lead against the Nats and ended up getting blown out of the Dump 13-5.

Only bad part of the evening is the Cards kept pace with the Brewers by blowing out the hapless Braves last night.

It was nice to see Braun on the field and I saw no signs he was in any pain but they said that can change day to day swing to swing so keep your fingers crossed on that one. My hope is that all these days off they have will help keep him right it sounds like he will not get back to 100% till the off season where he can rest it for an extended period of time.

Congrats to J.J.Hardy for becoming only the 3rd Brewers Short Stop to hit 20 or more home runs in two different seasons. The way he was scuffling in early part of the season you would not have though he would get 20 home runs this season.

On to tonight's game info
Suppan vs. Gorzelanny at Wonderful Miller Park

First pitch is at 6:05pm CDT


Crap a WMLW game I do not know if FSN-WI will carry the game out state. Man I hope this the last WMLW game of the season I do not know about cable but their picture quality on DirecTV is awful almost as bad as the Packer game looked on Channel 18 last night. I am talking 1973 rabbit ears bad lol.

This is a big start for both starting pitchers Suppan has to win this to give the Crew a chance to send it to CC Sunday with a chance for a sweep. For Gorzelanny this is his first start since July 4th where the Brewers knocked him out of the game and out of the league he was sent down to AAA by the Bucs after giving up 7 earned runs to the Crew in 4.2 innings.

Miller Park has become a house of horrors for the Pirates yesterday was their 10 loss in a row at Miller Park. Lets hope they can keep that trend going today.

The Crew is now 8 game from another winning season.

The Answer to my Quiz yesterday, what was the significance of the numbers 6 1 3 3 and the answer is the number of runs by inning the Cubs pen gave up in the final 4 innings of the game.

So far so good Crew TCB last night and moves one step closer to the playoffs.

Hurray Beer

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