Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Brewers will be losing at least one 20 game season ticket holder next year.

I just got my post season ticket offer from the Brewers and let's just say Chris is not a happy man right now.

I have a 20 game package in the Club levels section 325 row 2 to be exact that I split with a good friend of mine we both get 9 games and split two other games. Guess where my fucking playoff tickets would be if I spent the money Section 410 Row Fucking 21. I am pretty sure from those seats I would be looking down at the top of the Right Field Foul Pole.

Sorry I am supposed to feel good about this. How the fuck do you go from Club seats to the nose bleeds in the fucking down the line terrace?

See this is the same shit the Bucks pulled when I was a 20 game ticket holder with them and they tried to say my playoff seats would be in the upper bowl even though I had lower bowl season tickets.

I dropped by season tickets that year and have never picked them back up.

See the Brewers are riding high right now but ask the Bucks what happens when you come back to earth and all the Season ticket holders you fucked do not come back.

Now I am not saying I will not go to Brewers games but I will just go back to buying seats for 4 games a year instead of 20.

I have a call in to my ticket rep I am trying to find out how their seniority plan works does some guy who have terrace tickets for longer than me having club seats get first shot at a loge playoff ticket over me I need to figure that out. If that is the case my not reupping my season tickets is a done deal.

Right now I am leaning heavily to saying fuck buying playoff tickets I can sit home and watch it in HD splendor on my 65" TV and not have to put up with all the Bullshit and drunk assholes that it will entail going down to Miller Park(I am sure Danny and ESK will call me a fair weather fan because I do not want to shell out $3000.00 to sit in very shitty top of the stadium seats that also happen to be down by the fucking foul pole, just to say I have been to a Brewer playoff game but I am prepared to live with their scorn)

But I have pretty much made the decision to not renew my package for next year this really has me pissed off. Hell I could have gotten a 20 game in the terrace and saved myself a shit load of money and most likely ended up in the same shitty post season seats.

I know it is a business and the Brewers just lost mine.

I will watch it at home with my ice cold bottles of Miller Light and my Nathans hots dogs and most likely enjoy the game more in my living room than I would at the park anyway.

Fucking Section 410 Row 21 What a fucking joke.

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