Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Brewers Prediction

As much as it pains me I have serious doubts the Crew will run the hated Cubs down for the Division and I am having doubts about the Brewers holding on to the Wild Card lead also.

First let it be noted I am down on Sports in General and I am still sporting some pretty negative feeling to the Brewers management at the moment over my ticket situation.

But those are not the reasons I am starting to worry about the Brewers ability to get into the playoffs for the first time in 26 years.

First the fact that for what every reason they are not winning the starts of their number 2 and 3 starters. What good is having Sabathia win every one of his starts if you lose the next two games almost every time out.

Second reason is how inconstant the offense is this offense have never lived up to the Bash Your Way To Glory billing. It is not that they cannot hit home runs in fact that is all they do they score 8 runs one night then 2 the next and the next. Last night showed how this feast or famine will kill you. They waste way to many chances with RISP to be a consistent scoring threat.

I am sorry but the Cards just will not go away and guess which two guys are making the starts when we play them down in St Louis for the final time Sheets and Parra ouch.

Here is my doomsday scenario the Brewers keep limping along never able to stretch their WC lead out beyond 3 games and the Cards just keep hanging on staying close. Then we play the Cubs 6 times in the last two weeks of the season. I believe the Cubs would love to do nothing more than knock the Brewers out of the playoffs

I hope I am wrong but right now setting the record aside I just cannot see this team holding on to the WC if they keep playing like they are. Now that I have said this in public they will most likely win 8 in a row which would be fine by me I can handle being wrong on this one.

Oh and do not for get we have to also play the Mets who will either be fighting us for the WC or in a fight for the NL East so they will be coming to Miller Park to play

"I got a bad feeling about this Mav"


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