Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Brewers hold off Jay Bruce, take series from Reds

First, let me say this: the Reds' Jay Bruce is pretty damn good. If you take him out of the equation the Brewers shut out the Reds 6-0.

What a fun and very hot day at Great American Small Park. I got to see a Brewers win and extend my Brewers road record to 3 and 1. I also got to check my fourth stadium off of my need-it list this summer.

We drove through the night arriving in Cincinnati about 3am local time. We got about 5 hours of sleep then got up so we could head out to the park and catch the Brewers BP.

One problem was that when they have a day game after a night game they usually do not hold BP. Oops. But it gave us time to explore the park. Small Park lives up to its name. It just seems small and you feel like you are up close you can really hear everything if you are sitting in the lower level. A lot of Brewers fans were there flying their colors. Not much back-and-forth with the Reds fans. They are a pretty beaten down right now. Since I hate how the Cubs fans act, I tried to make sure I was not an asshole. And from what I could see, most of the other Brewers fans there were on their best behavior.

It was a fun game to watch. Even when the Reds jumped out to the early lead it seemed alright, and when they came back to tie it up, it was still no worries.

The most nerve wracking part of the day was the 8th inning where Dunn came up with two on and only 1 out. I was scared shitless he would tie the game with one swing of the bat. But the pen got through it and Torres closed the door in the 9th to give the Brewers a 4 and 2 road trip where they won both series and did what we said they needed to do. They took 2 of 3 in each series.

While I still do not approve of what Prince did, maybe that dust up will be a catalyst for the Crew. Like getting no-hit was last year. So far you have to like the way they are doing what we said they needed to do in August with the "easiest" part of their schedule coming up. They are beating the "weaker" teams they are facing. You have to make hay when you get teams that are already in Next Year Mode.

Back to today's game. Just when you think Rickie Weeks cannot play his way back into the line up he goes 4 for 5 and played a solid 2nd base all day. Suppan pitched very well on a hot day with only one bad pitch to Bruce which barely got out of the park (Centerfield in GABP is 404 that home run was measured at 404.5). He was getting a lot of ground ball outs and keeping the ball in the park you could not ask for much more from a pitcher in that ball park.

I was very glad I made the trip. It was worth it. I have the most bizarre sun burn though. I was wearing my Brewers hat and my Oakley's, so only the bottom half of my face got burned. I will put up a photo post or two with pictures we took of the game and of Small Park.

Off day tomorrow so everyone enjoy it and rest up for the Nats series. Lets fill the park this series. I am going Sunday, so get your ass out to the ball park if you can.

Hurray Beer
Prince rips a hustle double

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