Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Brewers do something they could not do last year

They win a game at PETCO Park and just to make me look really simple both teams go on a home run bing. Prince said "Place where home runs go to die my ass"

Soup wins his 3rd game in a row and pitched 8 strong innings. Man if our starting pitching can keep this roll up things are looking good.

The Brewers also won their 7th game in a row and are starting to pull away from the Cards in the Wild Card Division. How would you like to be Houston they have won 6 games in a row and have not gained one game on the Brewers who have won 7 in a row. That has to be maddening. As I have said before I am glad we only play Houston 3 more times, I am willing to bet they run down the Cards and end up third in the NL Central.

As Danny pointed out the Cubs get to "Play Two" today down in Hotlanta after being rained out last night. So if things break right we could pick up a game and a half on them.

You have to love this new road warrior thing the Brewers have going. You couple that with the fact they are TCBing against the teams they are supposed to be better than. Even Ned playing the Gritty Craig Counsell cannot stop them. You also have to give them credit they have not had Braun for the last 3 games and they have not missed a beat. I hope that shows the Crew they do not have to rush Braun back let him sit the whole damn road trip if needed to make sure he is healthy and available for the rest of the season. Prince seems to be ready to pick up any slack from Braun being in the shelf.

What is up with J.J. Hardy lately he is a one man rally killing machine Sunday he comes up base loaded one out in the 11th a fly ball brings in the winning run he strikes out he hit into 2 double plays last night one with base loaded and no outs. J.J. is the poster child for feast or famine when he is on he is scary good but when he goes cold he is just plain scary.

Well we need one more game to lock up our SIXTH road series in a row, that is some good stuff and lookie here we have CC going tonight and Sheets going tomorrow. I like our chances. Man when is the last time we won a series in San Diego?

I am slowly coming to grips with the idea that CC is gone when the season is over so I am trying to enjoy every start like it is the last case of Silver Oak(Napa Valley) in the wine cellar. If Sheets is back to his early season ways and we really do have our one two punch back on line it is going to be a great end of the season.

On to Tonight's game info
Sabathia vs. Banks at Great American Small Park oops I mean PETCO Park sorry with all the home runs last nigh you can see how I can get confused ;)

First Pitch is 9:05pm CDT


Pretty simple let CC do what he does score him a couple of runs and hand the baton to Sheets.

Happy CC day enjoy them while they still exists.

Hurray Beer

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