Friday, August 01, 2008

Biggest Brett Favre Fan in the World?

Ryan Grant...the real "diva bitch," as Chris likes to say.

7 games, 956 yards, 8 touchdowns.

That is apparently all it takes these days to hold out and actually "hold a team hostage." He can't make a Giants teams that out of camp was thin at running back, the Packers rescue him and give him a career, and no he refuses to honor his current contract. Less than half a season and Grant feels he deserves more money. And not just more money, but superstar money, as he scoffed at the raise the Packers offered him earlier this week.

But, since all anyone wants to do is belittle and bitch about the singular reason the Packers have been any good the last decade plus, Ryan Grant gets a pass.

At this point, what good is an NFL contract at all? Players haven't honored them for years and apparently now, as long as you're tired of a guy, organization don't need to honor them either.

The NFL needs to just do away with contracts. Allow every player to free lance at all times. Favre throws six touchdowns in the Monday opener and Peyton goes down? Indy scoops Brett up for $10 million a week til Peyton comes back. At least then the situation would be honest and teams, players and fans would not have to try so hard to delude themselves into thinking this is anything but a business.

By refusing to honor Favre's contract (and don't talk to me about him not honoring it by skipping camp, and McCarthy himself set that precedent by allowing Favre to skip whenever he felt like it) the Packers have really lost any moral high ground in the Ryan Grant situation, and if I were a Packer of any skill level whatsoever I'd be tempted to hold out a well.

Having said that, fuck you Ryan Grant, fuck you Packers, fuck you Favre, and fuck you Packer fans. This whole clusterfuck of a situation is annoying as hell and there are zero good guys.

My prediction? The Packers become the 70's era Oakland Athletics and show the world yet again that chemistry is an excuse used by shitty management to scapegoat their own inadequacy. It doesn't matter a fucking lick and Green Bay goes 12-4.

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