Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ben Sheets is God Like

I know this because ESK and others never stop telling me that. Lets just say I do not agree with all of them when it comes to Ben Sheets. I am done caring what other people think of what I say here. I am going to say what I think and just ignore the attacks that come with speaking the truth as I see it.

So another night that gives us the oldest argument in baseball who lost the game last night the anemic offense of the starting pitcher?

That seems to be the defense of Sheets the Bats are not scoring him 5 runs when he pitches. Very true the last two starts the Offense only got him two runs. Both times giving him leads which he promptly pissed away through his own actions on the mound.

And in the San Diego game lets remember those runs were scratched out against the 2007 NL Cy Young winner so it was not like they were being shut down by a tomato can.

I am not saying you bench Sheets or put him in the bullpen or anything silly like that you keep throwing him out there hoping he recaptures the stuff he had against the Nats. Or maybe it was just the Nats suck but I digress. I just refuse to be part of the hero worship of Sheets he does not deserve it.

Now back to last night oh yeah the Offense had their collective heads up their asses. They had Moeller on the ropes a number of times and did not get a run in since clutch is a myth I will caulk it up to bad luck. But it was not bad luck when that idiot Dale Sveum sent Cameron home on a weak single that was beyond stupid.

Gabe Kapler had a couple of chance to be the Sheets Savior but he did not get it done. Sheets himself added to the futility at home plate with his two at bats both times not getting a bunt down when that is what was called for.

So I agree the Bats failed Sheets last night failed him miserably but if Sheets needs 6 to 7 runs a night to win games how does that make him any better than the other 3 guys in the rotation not named Sabathia?

One of the best things that will happen to this team next season will be if they are in the Post Ben Sheets era. Let him go be God like for some other team with more money than brains in the front office.

Final thought you better hope like hell that the last game of the season against the Cubs does not have playoff implications because guess who is scheduled to start that game you got it Ben Sheets. He has 7 starts left I would be content if they could win 3 of that 7.

Aces perform down the stretch and I do not see Sheets getting it done.


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