Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another road test for the Crew.

The Brewers' new-found prowess on the road will have to overcome their history of sucking ass on the anual west coast trip.

They head out to Petco Park, the place where home runs go to die. The Brewers will have to figure out a way to score runs by stringing a couple of hits together. But the reverse of that is that Petco will help make a pitching staff that is already dealing even better. The pitching match ups favor the Crew with Suppan starting the first game and coming off of two very good starts. Suppan will be followed by the hammer and anvil of Sabathia and Sheets. The toughest pitching match up is game three when Sheets takes on Peavy. Hopefully the Crew will be playing for the sweep that day.

The Crew has done a nice job of getting up off the matt after the nightmare Cubs series. They remain undefeated since Prince helped Manny decide to stay and watch the rest of an inning. They have been doing what we said they had to do with this portion of their schedule. They are making hay as the sun shines. They have expanded their Wild Card Division lead over the last week and started the effort to scale Mount NL Central Division again.

I understand it was the Nats, but still, over a 4 games series, the 4 starting pitchers gave up 2 runs. Count them: 2. That means Gagne gave up more runs than all 4 starters combined. The other pleasant thing is the starters are all going into the 7th inning, which is taking a lot of pressure and strain off of the Pen.

I am even willing to give Gagne a pass for the other day. I still believe he struck Zimmerman out. Gagne was one strike from having a clean 1 2 3 inning. So Eric if you read this, I am sorry about the names I called you and what I said about your mother on Sunday at Miller Park. No hard feeling, right?

The Crew also managed to win the final two games of the Nats series with Ryan Braun on the bench. I guess he is feeling better but I would be amazed if we see him before the Dodgers series. They should be able to win this series without him. We do not need this to linger into September.

Other than Yo, this team has been fortunate with injuries this year, so no whining or bitching about losing Braun for a couple of games. Tampa just put Crawford and Longoria on the DL, so it could be much worse.

On to Tonigh's game, and by tonight I mean it: WEST COAST Baseball for the next 6 games.
Suppan vs. Baek at The Place where home runs go to die aka Petco Park

First pitch 9:05pm CDT Take a Nap if you are in the Eastern or Central time zones


If the Crew can go 4 and 2 on the dreaded West Coast trip I will really start to believe this might be our year to make the playoffs. They are 8 and 2 for the month of August and they are playing one of the worst teams in baseball for the next 3 games. They have to show they have reached the level of elite teams and do what Elite teams do TCB against weak opponents.

So watch some Womens Gymnastics tonight to kill the time to first pitch and then lets do something rare watch a Brewers win San Diego.

Hurray Beer,

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