Thursday, August 14, 2008

Addition By Subtraction Is Never Sexy

Tron hit it on the head in the comments that the market for Mo Williams was very weak. John Hammond said when he was hired that he would make some trades that would make people scratch their heads and I have to imagine that this is exactly what he was talking about, he knew then that the market for Mo wasn't a good one.

People may look at this trade and say we traded someone who scored 17ppg and in return got someone who doesn't shoot very well in Ridnour, a veteran back up whose best years may be behind him in Jones and a player who no one has heard of in Adrian Griffin. However, one has to look at the Jefferson trade. Jefferson now provides that offensive void left by Mo but without the headache of having those points come from a SG in a small PG's body to which the word defense is foreign.

Trading Mason seemed like a well gone conclusion. The Bucks had way too many SF's on the roster and Mason, with his attractive expiring contract, simply had no room on the Bucks anymore. It's a shame really because he's always been one of my favorite Milwaukee players and people, he truly did like it here and I wish him the best in Oklahoma.

In term of cap room the Bucks will only be saving around 4 mill in the next two seasons when comparing the differences in contracts from Williams to Ridnour. It's when Ridnour comes off the books after that that the Bucks will have more cap flexibility. Griffin's contract is also a team option for this year at 1.8 mill and the Bucks may just choose not to exercise that, though he is a favorite of Scott Skiles. I think like Doug Melvin did when he first arrived in Milwaukee, John Hammond wants to balance making good moves for the future but also attempt to place a competitive team on the court in the now.

When looking at the roster now the Bucks have a slew of PG's and C's with the recent signing of Francisco Elson. I imagine that Hammond is not done making moves but the only attractive contract left on the Bucks is Charlie Villianueva's but the market for him is also very weak and Hammond would need to acquire a PF back.

Hammond had two choices with Mo Williams. Stick with him at point because of the weak market and possibly have a similar team he had this year or take a lesser talent value but perhaps create more of a team in the process. He chose the second option and we'll see how it works.

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